Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Blog posting

Hi all. Some members are having difficulty posting to the blog. I'll get some login step by step instructions happening for you to follow!


  1. Hi Cam, love this idea of extending the life- drawing community. Have been enjoying colorful ephemeral installations on the beach during early morning walks. Today; lime green seed pods, red leaves, green leaves juxtaposed on tumbled shells and glistening sand. Here's a thought life drawing early morning on the beach drawing in the sand?

  2. hmmm.. nice idea. Find us a beach that's not full of dog walkers first thing in the morning and we'll give it a go!

  3. Yes but with dogs comes fun. Was at the slightly alternative Brunswick Heads doing a lil camping and the beach was often filled with doggies (and their owners) The beach was not so much an exercise track as it is here but rather a place of fun. Back to Art. If your ever at Byron Bay check out Dynamic Drawing http://www.dynamicdrawing.com.au/, heavily centred on creativity & imagination & Dr Skechy http://www.drsketchybyron.com/